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What We Do

Talent Development

Organisations will live and die by their peoples’ ability to sell, manage and lead, under pressure. Our licensed material delivers structure, skillset and mindset in each of these three key areas.

  • SALES needs to grow year on year. Establishing a collaborative sales model and a collective understanding of the psychology of influence will significantly enhance these prospects.
  • MANAGEMENT skills can be refined through planning, execution and review. Developing these abilities in your people and a framework to support them will ensure the organisation runs smoothly.
  • LEADERSHIP must occur with clarity and conviction. Developing people who can recognise these skills in themselves and bring others with them requires an approach focused on experiential skill development.


Kaizen is an exclusively licensed European partner of Gazing Performance Systems. These performance methodologies are based on real life performance issues and have been used by international blue chip companies and small businesses alike. They have helped companies such as Apple, Xerox, SKY, UPS, Knoll, ARM, Permanent tsb, AIB as well as The New Zealand All Blacks, who our behavioural model for performance under pressure was originally developed for.

  • Bede Brosnahan

  • Andy Coughlin

  • Ian Cochrane

  • David Jones


Training without coaching is meaningless. People within organisations need to develop their coaching skills. Our coaching team has unparalleled qualifications and experience in coaching as a discipline.

  • Michael Mulligan

  • Roger Kelleher

  • Donal Lenihan


Supporting a happier, healthier workforce requires a coherent well being programme. However, recent evidence suggests that random workshops and poorly thought out wellbeing initiatives can in fact be counter productive.

Objective measurement/screening and sequenced workshops by industry experts are the key components which must be considered for meaningful and impactful employee wellbeing.

  • Dr Brendan Egan

  • Hugh O'Donovan

  • Rob Williams

  • Canice Kennedy