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  • Andrew Hurt (Sales Operations Manager Xerox, Emirates)


    “The Strategic Account management (Sales) training and facilitation was excellent. The implementation of the Gazing Maps in Xerox Emirates is a significant factor in the results we are seeing”.

  • Dawn King (Sales Director International and Wholesale Services, at&t Communications UK Ltd)

    AT&T Communications UK Ltd

    “The power of introducing a detailed, systematic, yet flexible, structure for the interactive selling process has been a significant contributor to the performance of my team. The team now relates to the interactive selling process with a common language and a greater understanding of ‘what to do’ in competitive situations under pressure. The Gazing model has meaningfully raised the level of competency within the team.”

  • Hugh Griffin (Manager Patrick Street, Cork)


    “The high performance sales model delivered by Kaizen Performance to our retail team was one of the few training initiatives that I have seen actually work. The delivery was experiential and challenged people to embrace evidence-based psychology in ways that had an immediate impact. Their ability to explain and teach coaching techniques in support of the training was extremely valuable”.

  • Lafferty Group Directors


    “At Lafferty, our people really are the key differentiator. As part of our commitment to Training and People Development, we commissioned Kaizen to develop a 12 month high performance programme which supported all our staff and rewarded their commitment to the company. It has proven to be a hugely successful investment”.

  • Ian Bolger (Managing Director)

    Bolgers Engineering

    “The Executive Coaching initiative we embarked on with Kaizen Performance has been the single biggest differentiator in developing our people. Previously, we had found that Coaching was often misunderstood and more often, poorly implemented. The level of academic qualification of the Kaizen coaches and their ability to deliver coaching techniques really set them apart”.

  • Eoin Leonard (CEO)

    I3PT Certification

    “The Kaizen High Performance Programme has helped to capture hearts and minds in our business, and was the driving force behind us winning the best company to work for at The Irish Building and Design Awards 2016. The critical elements in our programme were Executive Coaching for all of our guys and an adapted Wellbeing Programme. We will continue to evolve in terms of management development/leadership pipeline and have retained Kaizen to help us do so”.

  • David Limrick (CFO, Spearline)


    “We approached Kaizen to help us with a view to helping us put in place a coherent wellbeing initiative. Their knowledge and access in this area helped us to put in place a measurable framework which we were able to build on and evolve internally. Excellent value for money”.

  • Eamon Curtin (Director)

    UCC Ignite

    “We approached Conor at Kaizen Performance in July 2015 to help us define the culture of IGNITE, our start-up incubation programme at UCC. Since then, our partnership with Kaizen has helped us to develop our culture contributing to the success of our IGNITE start-ups. Kaizen’s experience working with high performing teams in high performance environments is second to none and we look forward to continuing to work with Conor and Kaizen as we develop IGNITE into the future”.

  • Finbarr Nyhan (Analyst)


    “The coaching model and tools employed by the Kaizen team enabled me to map a career pathway in ways in which I would have been unable to otherwise see. It was a very powerful approach and one that I am very thankful for”.