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Who we are

Kaizen Performance was borne out of a frustration with the traditional approaches towards performance improvement in the workplace. Research has revealed that few organisations follow the evidence-based, coordinated approach that has been shown to yield greater returns on investment.

Training programmes can be informative but tend to focus on ring binders of information that simply do not resonate outside of the training room. Personal development initiatives can direct but often fail to coach colleagues towards self-awareness and in turn their full potential. Motivational efforts can be limited to guest speakers and uncoordinated well-being workshops that have little enduring effect. When considered collectively, such disparate efforts across a business can result in vast sums of money and time being wasted.

Kaizen’s approach to organisational high performance is grounded in evidence-based practise with direct research from some of the world’s most elite performance environments. Our integrated programmes focus on world class Talent Development content, delivered experientially so that the knowledge base sticks. New behaviours are embedded through Executive Coaching delivered through practitioners qualified to the highest academic levels, with significant industry experience. Each programme has the option to integrate Wellbeing interventions in a rational and effectual manner. These programmes have yielded measurable results.

Genuine, measurable and coherent performance improvement does not have to be inaccessible. The potential in every workforce is there to be realised.

Talent Development

  • Bede Brosnahan

  • Andy Coughlin

  • Ian Cochrane

  • David Jones


  • Michael Mulligan

  • Roger Kelleher

  • Donal Lenihan


  • Dr Brendan Egan

  • Hugh O'Donovan

  • Rob Williams

  • Canice Kennedy