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Staff Engagement or Training?

Staff Engagement or Training?

staff engagement or training

Staff Engagement or Training – Which is More Important?

The one thing Kaizen Performance have learned about high performance in the workplace is that there has to be high levels of Engagement but there also has to be Skilful Execution. But can a company engender these two areas in the workplace and how can they be coached into a group of people?

Through evidence based research, through collaboration within our own high performance network and through CPD visits to some of the world’s most high performing environments (London School of Business, The New Zealand All Blacks and The Navy Seals) Kaizen Performance have established performance improvement programmes in both of these key areas – Engagement & Wellness and Skill Acquisition & Training.

In regards to the first area, Engagement & Wellness – the narrative in most companies is that the workforce feels they are over worked and underpaid. However, our experience has thought us that there is in fact very little evidence to suggest that increasing wages will in fact lead to greater levels of engagement within a workforce. It may even be counterproductive (Harvard Business Review, April 2013). What’s more, most firms cannot afford to increase wages across the board. Labour is simply too expensive. There is a significant body of evidence however to suggest that a well structured, coherent engagement or wellness programme will increase morale, lead to greater levels of motivation, generate a greater sense of attachment in the company and ultimately lead to greater levels of productivity and engagement. Basically, a happier, healthier, less expensive, more productive workforce. This was the origins for Kaizen gathering together a team of unparalleled high performance expertise which could design bespoke wellness and engagement programmes for companies (http://www.kaizenpf.com/our-team/). These programmes are measurable in terms of ROI and have been further found to limit the liability of the employer.

While engagement is one side of the performance improvement equation, we decided we wanted to look at what came next. What is the challenge with an engaged workforce who are simply underperforming, either through poor sales, ineffective management or through an insufficient level of leadership? The logical conclusion was skill acquisition or training. Much like in sport, once your team is fit, they had better be able to perform in their given domain. In business, like sport, certain core skills are needed to by even the fittest, most engaged workforces, regardless of the domain. These core skills comprise sales, leadership, management, strategy and service. This is why Kaizen Performance procured the exclusive license Gazing Training Courses in Ireland. Unlike, Roger Federer, Rory McIlroy and Dan Carter, some people will insist they simply do not need further training. They have it all already! However, for those with a growth mind-set, training courses such as these are where improvements are made. The Gazing training modules have been adopted by some of the world’s best companies. Rather than training through a manual that gets relegated to the attic after the course is over, the gazing modules focus on real world application of business principles through an ‘easy to understand’ map and tool approach. Key skills are acquired in each module which will allow the workforce to adopt a common language approach when the pressure really comes on, back in the office when the performance actually requires it.

Engagement & Wellness versus Skill Acquisition & Training. Two sides of the same High performance coin. This is what Kaizen Performance do and do well. Get in touch to see what the potential of your group really is.



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